Chiropractic Testimonials

"Received great care for back & neck pain. Recommend for the entire family. Dr Grochowski is knowledgeable and wants his patients to be able live full pain free lives without drugs!"

- Marilyn R.

"I have consulted and had adjustments with Dr. Greg and he listens, he cares and he is gentle. I highly recommend his services."

- Amy L.

"Greg and Melanie are the most refreshing professionals! I am a new person without pain or concerns because of the care I received from Greg. These two have taken a personal interest in making my health and life better. I feel truly cared for when I am there. I give them a fifteen on a scale of one to ten!"

- Lynne B.

"Greg is a fantastic Chiropractor! Highly recommend…"

- Pete G.

"I've been to a number of Chiropractors and I'd have to say that Dr. G has been the best at relieving my pain issues quickly. No magic, just a skilled touch."

- Ron

"Dr. Grochowski was able to identify the source of my headache pain and provide relief. I'm so grateful for the improvements in my range of motion."

- Michel

"My family and I highly recommend Dr. G. I have personally received Chiropractic care from him and have found relief from neck and back pain. My injuries, although not serious, were still bringing me great discomfort, and his experience, knowledge, and treatment allowed me to get "back to normal". I would definitely recommend Dr. G. for all the family."

- Marilyn

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